Growth hacking for kickass, crowdfunding products. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and self-hosted.

About Crowdlift

Crowdlift was born out of necessity. We're a group of entrepreneurs and marketers who ran smack into the challenges of crowdfunding on our own projects. We felt the pain!

Crowdfunding marketing agencies are expensive. But doing things entirely yourself means you're leaving money on the table ... or worse ... face planting.

There has to be a better way. A way that combines growth hacking, automation and playbooks from the secretive world of PPC and affiliate marketing.

Crowdlift is the result of an obsession with automation, data, and hustle.

Unlike most agencies, we partner with crowdfunding projects when it matters most: months in advance of the campaign. We guide you through pre-marketing and campaign success by setting you up with the right playbooks, tools, and people.

Recently Completed

FLUX: Electric Bikes with Attitude. $2 MILLION+ on IndieGoGo and website.

Visit FLUX on IndieGoGo